Once a Chinese man went to Goa (India) for holidays.

At Airport he hired a taxi to take him to Panjim.

On the way he saw a bus 🚌. He said – “The buses here are so slow and noisy .. In China the buses are very fast.”

At Cortalim Bridge, Goa, Chinese saw a train passing by on the railway bridge the other side…… he said – “The trains here are so slow….. in China the trains are very fast.”

All the way driver kept silent and drove to Panjim.

Chinese man 👨 got off the taxi and asked for the meter readings.

Driver – “₹ 5000.”

Chinese -” ₹ 5000 ? Are you kidding ? Your buses are so slow, the trains are so slow… if everything else here is so slow, then how come the meter of your taxi is so fast ? “

Driver -” Because the meter is made in China. “

😀 😬 😁 😂 😂 😂